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 Let's Play A Text Adventure

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PostSubject: Let's Play A Text Adventure   Fri Mar 22, 2013 1:20 pm

Hello there Newcomer, it seems that you've stumbled into this world completely by chance!

What's that? You say you want to go Home? Well....
It isn't quite that easy!

You see, this world is one governed by Magic, and you'll need quite a bit of that to even attempt to return.
Luckily, this world is populated by many Monsters filled with Latent Magic.
Their bones, furs, and the objects made from them are highly magical!
I'm sure that if you Gather enough of them you'll be able to leave.

Aside from Monsters, this world also contains ancient Artifacts.
They are special items guarded by powerful Beasts, which contain quite a bit of Magic.
If you get strong enough to defeat their Guardians, you'll be able to reach your goal quickly!

Hmm... it seems that you have a tiny fragment of Magic in your Soul...
Perhaps that will help you as you begin your Journey...

Now, I can't truly see you... so, would you mind telling me if you are a Boy or Girl?

Important note:
Commands are input with a > key. So replies for this post are >Girl, >Boy, >Female ect.


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Let's Play A Text Adventure
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