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PostSubject: Ditto   Thu Apr 05, 2012 9:26 pm


If ever there was a Pokemon that would never be useful, it would have been Ditto. This blob has been trolling the lowest of low tiers since gen 1, primarily because his expansive move pool consists solely of one move, Transform, and even way back then he was outclassed at using his own signature move by Mew. It seemed the only thing he would ever be good at is pumping out babies that would then go on to succeed where there father could not: in battles. And then, through Dream World, Ditto was transformed (hyuk yuk) into a first class threat with it's new ability, Imposter. This rocketed Ditto from a gimmicky novelty to the lofty seat of the best revenge killer in history. Being able to steal your opponents boosts, scout their moveset, and stop a major sweep is amazing. However, the fun stops right there. Ditto's low hp means he won't be around long, and he is completely useless against stall teams, as they usually don't carry the moves that he can take advantage of. However, he is still a major powerhouse, and should always be considered for a team slot.

The One and Only Ditto
Ditto @ Choice Scarf/Focus Sash
Trait: Imposter
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Spd
Hardy Nature
- Transform

This is the only set Ditto can run and still be a legitimate threat. Imposter allows Ditto to instantly transform into your opponents current Pokemon, copying everything except the HP stat, and grating you access to all of their moves with only five PP each. When I say everything, that includes Nature, Stats, Stat Boosts, Type, and Ability. This is simple insane, as with a choice scarf equipped, Ditto is an almost flawless revenge killer. If scafed, he will always be faster than the sweeper he switches in on unless they are using the same item, and can then kill the opposing Pokemon with the correct move. This is dead stopped, however, if the opponent is unable to kill themselves, and is nigh useless against common walls that can simply set up in Ditto's face and wait for it to Struggle to death.

The choice between Choice Scarf and Focus Sash is up to the way you wish to revenge kill. Choice Scarf is the preferred option, almost always guaranteeing Ditto can outspeed and KO anything that may come up. However, this will lock him into one move for the remainder of his time on the field, and so Focus Sash is an alternative. The main draw is the ability to switch moves, but it also can provide Ditto with an extra life, provided the field is clear of entry hazards. The primary shortcoming with this item choice is that Ditto now has a 50% chance to move after his opponent due to to increased likelihood of a speed tie, and may even be out sped altogether should his opponent be scarfed, severely crippling his revenge killing ability.

The EVs are self explanatory. He will not be using his own nature, ever, so the one you pick is irrelevant. Investing fully in HP is a given, since this is the only stat Ditto can not copy. Invest the other 256 where ever it makes you happiest.

Checks and Counters:
In most cases, to counter Ditto you must be able to counter whatever it has Transformed into. A team that counters every Pokemon on itself individually could put a stop to Ditto.. Pokemon like Chansey, Ferrothorn, and Hippowdon also end the fun early if Ditto plans to switch in on them, as he will find himself quickly dispatched by his inability to kill before he runs out of PP. It's extremely important to note that Ditto cannot Transform into Pokemon that are behind a Substitute or under the effects of Illusion. A Zoruark whose guise hasn't been broken makes a fairly decent counter with that in mind, but Ditto will likely simply switch out, and your disguise is now ruined. Other than that, blind luck is the best Ditto counter. Seriously, look out for this thing.

As a Pokemon who can and will be shifting his moveset around during his time on the field, Ditto can be slapped onto just about any team and work equally well. However, he appreciates support from wall breakers like Keldeo and Infernape to muscle past the Pokemon that would otherwise stop him cold. He is most at home on offensive teams that are capable of dealing with his shortcomings.
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