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 Megavolite Syndicate

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PostSubject: Megavolite Syndicate   Megavolite Syndicate EmptyFri Jul 03, 2015 7:00 pm

Mission: To help the clan community by establishing a hive of clans that will assist each other in recruitment and leadership.

Structure: Each MVL Clan will be labeled a division of MVL Syndicate. The name will be taken from an existing Pokemon with a known pokedex number. Clans in MVL syndicate may not have more than 10 members. All clans will post a clan thread to Breakdown forums laying out their clan's description and members.

Identification: Divisions will use MVL in their tag when laddering. Tags may be just MVL or MVL plus something that identifies which division they are, for example.

MVL Beedrill members could identify their selves with any of the following tags: MVL, MVL B, MVL BEE, MVL15, MVL Catdogs. It doesn't matter as long as the leader is cool with it and it has MVL in the tag.

Current MVL Divisions.

MVL Shuppet Division Lead by Invalid

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Megavolite Syndicate
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