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 Breakdown Clan Championship 2015

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PostSubject: Breakdown Clan Championship 2015   Mon Jun 15, 2015 2:40 am

Breakdown Clan Championship 2015

Determine the best clan through organized competition.

A clan will consist of 5 to 10 players. In depth rules can be found here.

Clan Wars:
First and foremost, all clan matches will be conducted in Smogon OU available here. At the start of a clan war, each leader will select 4 players from their clan (the leader may select their self), and of those 4 players will be matched up randomly against  4 players from the other clan by a neutral war admin. War admins will be determined by Invalid and will be listed on this thread. A neutral war admin will be any war admin who is not a member of either clan. The war admin will use random.org to match players randomly, and save the matchups. The war admin will then announce the first match, and not announce more matches until the current match is complete, that way everyone can watch each match uninterrupted. Winning a match will earn a player's clan a point. A match that ends by self ko will be considered a draw, and will earn neither clan a point. Clans scores will be recorded for the season, in the event of a tie, the clans may elect to have a tie breaker match, but winning the tie breaker will not earn points for a clan.

The Season:
All the clans that enter will be assigned one of two groups randomly. All clans will face each clan in their own group in clan wars twice each. The score clans earn each week will be recorded and used to determine the ranks of the clans. At the end of the seasons, the top two clans of each group will have one final war using 5 players instead of 4 to determine who is the group's champion. Then the finals match take place between each group's champion again using 5 players instead of 4. The winning clan will not only be the champions, but their group will be considered the premier league in the next season, and the lowest ranked 2 clans will leave their league and the highest ranked clans will join their league. The group whose champion loses the finals will become the qualifier league.

How to Join:
To join the leader of a clan must post a clan thread on this site and post in this thread to say they're joining.

Next Season?
Any new clans who join will be sent to the Qualifier League. The season will play out the same except the Qualifier League clans will only have to play the same number of matches total as the Premier League clans, so they won't have to face eachother twice each if there are more entrants. Since the premier league is already established, the post season will be as follows: Qualifiers Finals: The top 2 Qualifier League clans will face each other in a 5v5 match to determine who is the Qualifier champion. Qualifier's Challenge: The Qualifier's Champion clan will face the 2nd place clan in the Premier League in a 5v5 match for the right to challenge the 1st place Premier League clan in the Grand Finals. Grand Finals: Whichever clan wins the the Qualifier's Challenge faces the 1st place clan in the Premier League in a 5v5 war if they win, they will have to face the 1st place clan one more time, if they win that, they will be the champions, if the 1st place clan wins either of the wars, the Finals will be over and they will be the Clan Season Champions.

Current War Admins:

Current Clans:
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Breakdown Clan Championship 2015
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