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 Clan Rules

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PostSubject: Clan Rules   Sun May 31, 2015 7:44 am

Clan Rules

  • Clan Creation and First Post Requirements: In order to create a clan, you must have a minimum of 5 members ready to join before you make the first thread. When the thread is made, the first post should be neat, detailed, organized, and consistently updated. It must include a list of current members. Any other relevant information regarding the clan that is present on the first post is the clan leader's discretion. General rules still apply, but there's no rules against talking smack. If a thread does not meet the requirements of a clan or is completely unrelated to the forum, it will be closed by a moderator.

  • When to Post in Threads: When you create a clan, you post a thread for it. When you join a clan you post in the thread. When a clan has a war, you post in the thread. When you want to talk to your clan buddies specifically, you post in the thread. When there's a conversation happening in the clan thread that you'd like to get in on, you post in the thread.

  • Clan Size Limits: Each clan can only have a minimum of 5 members and a maximum of 10 members. If your clan falls below 5, the thread will not be sticky because you will not have enough members to reliably have a clan war. If your clan lists more than 10 Players, the thread will simply be deleted. We do not want one clan hogging up more members than they need.

  • Clan Loyalty: Members may not be in more than one clan at a time. Members may leave the clan their in to join another clan, or just to leave. A member may not switch clans 2 rounds in a row, if they switch clans one week, they will have to either remain in the clan they joined or not participate.

  • Clan Leaders: A Clan Leader's primary duties are to keep the clan having a good time and competing. Clan Leaders are also responsible for maintaining the original post (OP) in their clan tread, the clan thread should always contain an up to date list of members. Clan leaders decide whether a member can join and can also kick out members. If one of your members leaves the clan, they have the right, you cannot tell them they can't leave, and it's your job to update the OP as soon as possible. Clan leaders may also elect to have a co-leader. The co-leaders can officially add members to clans, but cannot kick them. Since co-leaders will not be able to edit the OP, they'll have to confirm that they accepted the member in a post.

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Clan Rules
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