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PostSubject: CANG OVERHAUL INBOUND   CANG OVERHAUL INBOUND EmptySat May 30, 2015 2:54 am

CANG Overhaul
CANG is going to be completely new soon. For now CANG is not a part of the server.

What to Expect
CANG is going to be more its own game than an expansion to Pokemon. From Pokemon, we will have no Mons (still haven't decided what to call CANG's "Monsters"), Moves, Types (per se), abilities, items, or basically anything that isn't a mechanic in and of itself. There will be 20 Monsters total to begin with, the goal will be to have a balanced game ready to be played before ever publishing anything. Balance is the ultimate goal, we will not be leaving anything in that unduly disrupts balance, and we will not have "nfe's". Additionally we will not include hax unless it benefits balance. For example, critical hits are a way to break set ups and end a calm mind war.

There will be only 8 Types, not the 17... 18 we're all used to. However each type will have 3 total variants, They will have only minor differences among themselves. Each Monster will have 3 variants itself. Meaning any monotype monster will have a form for each of its one type's variants. Dual type monsters will have 1 form that is considered the base, and each of the types will have one form that has that type different. The forms will not have different STATS but they will have slightly altered movepools.

How can you contribute?
We're throwing away all the moves and abilities. And we're a small team (just Trace, Frost, and me for now.) We need input on what parts of the game make it more fun to play. for example, if we neglected support moves and just tried to make an entirely offensive game, we'd have nothing like stealth rock, substitute, protect, swords  dance. moves like icy wind, psycho boost, and close combat keep the game from being monotonous. So I want to know, from the community. What moves would the game be less fun without?

We aren't going to make those exact things, that would be stupid. We'll make things like them, that provide the same effect on the game.

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PostSubject: Re: CANG OVERHAUL INBOUND   CANG OVERHAUL INBOUND EmptySat May 30, 2015 3:22 am

Ok, a few questions/points:

1.  Will the moves just be reflected from the eight types solely, or will each move be a sub-type?

2.  Will the types / sub-types be able to cover every type of 'monster' that can be possibly made, or will there need to be more types?

3.  Will each type be weak to, be strong against, and be neutral to the same number of types as every other type, or will there be variations among them?  Will there end up being a dominant type (like Steel and Dragon in Pokémon Gen 5), or will each type be equal to the other types?

4.  How much like Pokémon will this be?  

5.  Is it actually possible to create a (basically) perfectly balanced metagame, or will there always be outliers in the metagame?

6.  Will battles still work the same way (in being turn-based), or will they be different?

7.  For suggestions (if this is part of the game), a special type intimidate, burn condition, and huge power version would be nice.

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