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 I think god i mising and angel

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I think god i mising and angel Empty
PostSubject: I think god i mising and angel   I think god i mising and angel EmptyThu Jul 31, 2014 4:07 pm

Was on main for a bit, and had this lovely conversation.

some Nas wrote:
xXDAFTHeartXx: I think god i mising and angel
+Orivexes: really
xXDAFTHeartXx: yup
+Orivexes: that's frightening
xXDAFTHeartXx: i know were it is
+Orivexes: well shit, you know something god doesn't know???
+Orivexes: that's fairly impressive
+Orivexes: you must be beyond omniscience
xXDAFTHeartXx: thanks and im talking about you
+Orivexes: oh *you*
xXDAFTHeartXx: no you
+Orivexes: no, i did that little "oh *you*" turn of phrase
+Orivexes: i guess it doesn't work in text
+Orivexes: imagine it accompanied with a bashful little wave
+Orivexes: anyways the biblical description of angels is kind of incredible
xXDAFTHeartXx: it sure is
+Orivexes: i believe they have 3 faces constantly singing hymns, and like, bajillions of eyes? six wings,
xXDAFTHeartXx: thats what im saying
+Orivexes: like Truck that's awesome i want to be that
xXDAFTHeartXx: you are that
+Orivexes: awesome
+Orivexes: except they don't really have the whole free will thing going for them
xXDAFTHeartXx: your heavenly girl
+Orivexes: which honestly, as a human being, i'm fairly fond of my free will!
+Orivexes: hellz yeah i am
+Orivexes: i don't need internet strangers to tell me that
xXDAFTHeartXx: true sometimes i wonder can humans live in other galaxies
+Orivexes: not likely with today's technologies
xXDAFTHeartXx: bummer
xXDAFTHeartXx: so tell me about yourself
+Orivexes: someday tho, the scope of electronics will seem unreal compared to anything we could imagine today
+Orivexes: ok um sure???
+Orivexes: i'm 26 years old and work full time
+Orivexes: but like to waste time on randbats when things get slow
+Orivexes: i like talking to people about homestuck
+Orivexes: and enjoy elaborate practical jokes
+Orivexes: how about you
+Orivexes: or should i just make up some facts about you
+Orivexes: aw man, you probably don't think i'm cool any more
+Orivexes: i'm deeply hurt
+Orivexes: some poor teen thinks i'm uninteresting :'(
+Orivexes: or maybe you stopped to go use the restroom

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I think god i mising and angel
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