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 VardhaanJerryJimmy, The really pissed guy.

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Zygarde Tier
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PostSubject: VardhaanJerryJimmy, The really pissed guy.   Thu Mar 06, 2014 4:29 pm

[14:22:41] VardhaanJerryJimmy: Truck you
[14:22:50] ~Invalid: what?
[14:23:00] VardhaanJerryJimmy: I saud Truck you Butch from Team Rocket
[14:23:02] VardhaanJerryJimmy: Truck you
[14:23:07] VardhaanJerryJimmy: fucker you
[14:23:09] VardhaanJerryJimmy: Truck you
VardhaanJerryJimmy was locked from talking by JackZero.

[14:23:25] ‽VardhaanJerryJimmy: Truck you Butch from Team Rocket
[14:23:28] ~Invalid: what?
[14:23:33] ‽VardhaanJerryJimmy: im under 13 Butch from Team Rocket
[14:23:39] ‽VardhaanJerryJimmy: Truck you Peanut Butter
[14:23:39] ~Invalid: I don't get it.
[14:23:51] ‽VardhaanJerryJimmy: Truck your mom Truck your Nas Truck your suster
[14:23:53] ~Invalid: Explain.
[14:23:58] ~Invalid: What is suster?
[14:24:07] ‽VardhaanJerryJimmy: im fucking don with this shit permaban me
[14:24:14] ~Invalid: what?
[14:24:21] ‽VardhaanJerryJimmy: suster is your moms breast
[14:24:31] ‽VardhaanJerryJimmy: fuxkyou
[14:24:33] ~Invalid: I have one mom.
[14:24:46] ‽VardhaanJerryJimmy: yo hace two its me Butch from Team Rocket
[14:24:55] ‽VardhaanJerryJimmy: Truck me ban me
[14:24:59] ‽VardhaanJerryJimmy: ban me Butch from Team Rocket
[14:25:02] ~Invalid: You are confusing me so much, what are you talking about.
[14:25:03] ‽VardhaanJerryJimmy: bkbugibhhhdtug
[14:25:05] ‽VardhaanJerryJimmy: hjhhgfgg
[14:25:25] ‽VardhaanJerryJimmy: hhuff
[14:25:30] ‽VardhaanJerryJimmy: suck my dick
[14:25:33] ‽VardhaanJerryJimmy: im done
[14:25:38] ~Invalid: I'm Invalid.
[14:25:41] ‽VardhaanJerryJimmy: permaban me bitcg
[14:25:50] ~Invalid: What's that?
[14:25:55] ‽VardhaanJerryJimmy: ban me
[14:26:06] ‽VardhaanJerryJimmy: just click on me and ban me Butch from Team Rocket
[14:26:08] ~Invalid: Yeah, what is it?
[14:26:28] ‽VardhaanJerryJimmy: Click on me and ban me
[14:26:36] ~Invalid: But I don't know what that is.
[14:26:36] ‽VardhaanJerryJimmy: ban me bich
[14:26:47] ‽VardhaanJerryJimmy: Truck you
[14:27:01] ~Invalid: Please tell me.

VardhaanJerryJimmy was banned by JackZero.

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VardhaanJerryJimmy, The really pissed guy.
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