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 Mr Michi

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PostSubject: Mr Michi   Thu Mar 06, 2014 4:22 pm

[13:44:00] mr michi: hi
[13:44:30] mr michi: can i admin i bring 60 or 100 user ok
[13:45:00] ~Invalid: bring 'em.
[13:45:17] mr michi: jes or no
[13:45:25] ~Invalid: yes.
[13:46:02] mr michi: but only admin because I determined for as many user need long
[13:46:22] ~Invalid: I can't understand what you just said.
[13:48:30] mr michi: can they make me but only admin
[13:49:02] ~Invalid: definitely
[13:49:25] mr michi: ok
[13:49:35] ~Invalid: so we have 6 users now
[13:50:01] ~Invalid: when we have 106, I will admin you. I'm taking your highest bid.
[13:50:52] mr michi: are you me at 10 user admin and at 20 I do dan dan to 40 to 60 and then to 80 dan 100
[13:52:27] mr michi: lol
[13:52:35] mr michi: mr michi
[13:52:43] mr michi: i not admin lol
[13:53:03] mr michi: mr michi was promoted to and administrator by Invalid.mr michi
[13:53:19] mr michi: lol
[13:53:51] mr michi: /roomunban - Access denied.
[13:54:01] mr michi: i have not ban
[13:54:08] mr michi: lol
[13:54:14] mr michi: mr michi has banned Invalid. (abusing auth)
[13:54:18] mr michi: hmm :CC
[13:54:21] ~Invalid: I give you admin and you did this?
[13:54:26] ~Invalid: what hell.
[13:54:45] mr michi: i have not admn
[13:54:47] mr michi: admijn
[13:55:08] mr michi: have not banned you
[13:55:13] mr michi: mr michi
[13:55:18] mr michi: come ion server
[13:55:19] ~Invalid: I can't even see main right now, it's impossible for me to tell if you have admin.
[13:55:47] mr michi: aver i not admin lol
[13:55:55] mr michi: http://breakdown.psim.us/storybook
[13:55:58] mr michi: come in
[13:55:59] ~Invalid: Whenever I reboot the server I am taking your admin away.
[13:56:29] mr michi: oh ok
[13:56:40] mr michi: come in story book
[13:57:06] mr michi: I have not banned you
[13:57:11] mr michi: what
[13:57:16] mr michi: /nick name
[13:57:48] mr michi: and i say the mod unbann in times
[13:58:06] mr michi: jes i not admin
[13:58:32] mr michi: you on lobby
[13:59:11] mr michi: waht
[14:00:05] mr michi: i have ban on lobby
[14:00:11] mr michi: play pokemon
[14:00:14] mr michi: i have wwrb
[14:00:18] mr michi: werb
[14:00:22] mr michi: breakdown.psim.us
[14:00:26] mr michi: on lobby
[14:00:52] mr michi: can ia admin jes or no
[14:01:41] mr michi: I forget that when I'm in the lobby advertising ip ban get
[14:02:18] mr michi: i not admin and i have ip ban
[14:02:28] ~Invalid: sucks to be you.
[14:02:57] mr michi: i ip ban
[14:03:09] mr michi: i can not werb bring
[14:03:16] mr michi: on all server bann no what
[14:08:24] mr michi: So I do not get admin
[14:08:47] ~Invalid: of course you don't get admin, why would you get admin?
[14:09:40] mr michi: ok i bring no user bye bye
[14:10:09] ~Invalid: no shit, I already saw you bring no users, is that supposed to be a revelation?
[14:10:57] mr michi: i bring user aver i have
[14:11:02] mr michi: a ip ban
[14:11:09] mr michi: thats it roblem
[14:12:07] mr michi: qand
[14:12:09] mr michi: and
[14:12:11] mr michi: **
[14:13:17] mr michi: I can user in 3 days or 2 pick that I can only do I have a ip ban that's the thing you never blaspheme programming time
[14:13:59] mr michi: and you my not admin ok than bye bye
[14:14:12] mr michi: i guest 20 minues
[14:14:20] ~Invalid: okay, bye, get the Truck gone, you keep saying bye, but you keep not leaving.

To anyone wondering, he never had admin, jack showed me a trick to make it look like I gave him admin and then I used it to make it look like he banned me.

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Mr Michi
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