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 Can I have a channel?

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PostSubject: Can I have a channel?   Tue Mar 04, 2014 4:15 pm

I get this question at least once per day from the rudest douchebags that I would never give anything to. I don't have to provoke them at all, they are just rude motherfuckers as soon as they don't get their way. I truly do not understand it. I'm going to be sharing the logs, they're not really funny so much as they are harassment, but I can't keep them to myself anymore.

[13:59:43] Champion Char99: invalid
[13:59:52] ~Invalid: What?
[14:00:11] Champion Char99: can you create a room for me?
[14:00:36] ~Invalid: Provided a really good reason.
[14:01:47] Champion Char99: its a league
[14:01:52] Champion Char99: Burn league
[14:02:18] ~Invalid: A league that is already made?
[14:03:07] Champion Char99: I am organizing
[14:05:14] Champion Char99: ok?
[14:05:44] ~Invalid: there is a room for leagues, you can use it. If you actually show me you have a league, I'll give you room voice.
[14:05:59] ~Invalid: that's the deal, I'm sure you can go to another server and get a room if that's really what you want.
[14:06:35] ~Invalid invited you to join the room "pokemonleagues"
Join pokemonleagues
[14:06:50] Champion Char99: more

What the Truck is "more" even supposed to mean in that context? I wish these people would just talk to me in their native language.

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Can I have a channel?
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