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 Lost in the Shadow Realm

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PostSubject: Lost in the Shadow Realm   Sat Feb 22, 2014 5:26 pm

[14:38:25] ~Houras Soup-Sama: (Lost in the shadow realm, (x amount of) humans lost in a duel to yami yugi and were banished to the shadow realm. they've already sat around in a space bubble like in the show, but that got boring, so now they're on the shadow realm planet, and it's full of yugioh monsters. They have to survive and escape, but how?)

[14:43:07] ~Damian Scythe: "I am an obvious bad guy who likes killing people, making the innocent suffer, and tipping over expensive vases. I have a short temper and am a huge narcisscist, and that's obviously how I got to the shadow realm."

[14:44:48] @Yasu Nishikawa: "I am a pretty normal girl who got into duel monsters awhile ago, and I challenged some dude with spiky hair as a joke to a game and maybe did a little too much smack talk.... so yeah. I met Pegasus one time though, that was pretty cool."


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Lost in the Shadow Realm
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