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 Jack And Me Try New Names~

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PostSubject: Jack And Me Try New Names~   Sun Feb 16, 2014 7:09 pm

[16:56:53] Jack to music: It's Jack to music moment time
[16:59:14] DeadJackerlanternn: YES!
[16:59:33] • Jack to Jack >.> ....
[16:59:55] Jack to music: o.o
[17:00:06] Jack to music: Natalie how many times a day do you jack to jack?
[17:00:50] Jack to Jack >.>: Idk none >.>
[17:02:14] Jack to music: suuuure
[17:04:02] Gnome to music: >.>
[17:04:03] Jack to music: how does one gnome to music
[17:04:20] Gnome to music: Idek
[17:04:25] Gnome to music: ask gnome
[17:04:43] Invalid Music: okay...
[17:04:48] Invalid Music: I think this good
[17:04:50] Invalid Music: Jack
[17:04:54] Invalid Music: you agree?
[17:05:00] Jack to music: that name
[17:05:03] Jack to music: gg
[17:06:27] Invalid Music: Can't jack to invaild music Wink
[17:06:57] Jack to music: but Invalid can jack to Jack music
[17:07:01] Jack to music: think about that for a sec

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Jack And Me Try New Names~
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