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 Facts and Opinions...

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Facts and Opinions... Empty
PostSubject: Facts and Opinions...   Facts and Opinions... EmptySat Feb 08, 2014 12:14 am

Well some people think agreeing with a fact is a good idea.....WRONG!!!

[21:58:54] +Slowbrother: does anyone have auth on oriserver?
[21:58:58] %Princess Natalie: Slowbrother?
[21:59:01] %Princess Natalie: ?
[21:59:02] ~Frost: oui
[21:59:07] Alimarz2002: Wut?
[21:59:10] +Slowbrother: because spammer
[21:59:13] +Slowbrother: and no one is on
[21:59:50] Alimarz2002: Yes, I agree.
[22:02:19] ~Invalid: what is there to agree or disagree with?
[22:02:41] Alimarz2002: The fact that no one is on.
[22:03:11] ~Invalid: but what I'm saying is, it's like agreeing that the sky is blue.
[22:03:42] Alimarz2002: So you're saying it's obvious.
[22:03:46] Alimarz2002: I understand now.
[22:04:07] %Princess Natalie: Fact are facts. You can't agree with a fact. Only opinions. DUH!
[22:04:43] ~Invalid: Well, I mean, people sometimes disagree with facts, it's just weird to point out that you agree with one.
[22:04:53] %Princess Natalie: That too!
[22:06:46] %Princess Natalie: Facts are true though. I don't know why someone would disagree with something that is true! v.v

Guys......really. Facts and Opinions are two different things!
I'm not trying to make the user look stupid, but this is basic learning.

Facts and Opinions... 195109_trainercard-Natalie-Chan
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Facts and Opinions...
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