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 This server is no place for kids to get their macks on

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PostSubject: This server is no place for kids to get their macks on   Mon Jan 20, 2014 10:45 pm

[20:19:29] • +SilverEspeon runs around in confusion
[20:19:48] • #Champion Plasma stares at Espeon
[20:20:29] • #Princess Natalie picks up the tiny Espeon
[20:26:01] #Champion Plasma: And who knows what happens next
[20:26:33] • #Princess Natalie kisses
[20:26:40] • #Champion Plasma kisses back
[20:27:59] @Sheastuck: oh god i walked in on people getting their macks on
[20:28:22] #Princess Natalie: Wat e.e
[20:28:41] @Sheastuck: doing the mouth tango
[20:28:52] #Princess Natalie: ._.
[20:28:54] #Champion Plasma: ..
[20:29:12] ~Empress Trace: Whoa, no horizontal monster mash on this channel.
[20:29:14] @Sheastuck: woah you guys are way too young for that
[20:29:30] #Princess Natalie: wat did we do wrong D:
[20:29:35] #Champion Plasma: Too Young?!
[20:29:44] @Sheastuck: my precious server babies arent allowed to interact with the other sex like that ew no
[20:30:07] #Princess Natalie: I'm confused e.e
[20:30:15] @Sheastuck: especially since mouths are volatile breeding grounds of the germs that could kill you
[20:30:21] ~Empress Trace: What's wrong? They just doin the old saliva rodeo.
[20:30:24] @Sheastuck: uvu trust me im a doctor
[20:32:20] ~Invalid: no, it's the lip lock limbo
[20:32:24] ~Invalid: you mediocre dunces
[20:32:30] +SilverEspeon: ?
[20:32:34] @Sheastuck: omg did you just
[20:33:02] ~Empress Trace: The mouth on mouth mambo?
[20:33:48] @Sheastuck: the lips dont lie lap dance?
[20:34:57] #Champion Plasma: .....
[20:35:11] @Sheastuck: 0u0
[20:35:27] +SilverEspeon: .....
[20:35:45] ~Empress Trace: The kissy kissy can can?
[20:36:15] +SilverEspeon: .............
[20:36:48] #Princess Natalie: Stop it e.e
[20:36:54] +SilverEspeon: ^
[20:36:54] @Sheastuck: the lip to lip lindy hop?
[20:37:05] • #Princess Natalie facewalls
[20:37:08] #Champion Plasma: Guys we get it -_-
[20:37:24] @Sheastuck: oh no this is way too much fun
[20:37:39] +SilverEspeon: Stahp
[20:37:52] ~Empress Trace: Yeah, seriously, enough about their buddy ballet.
[20:37:52] @Sheastuck: i think we need to deepen the explanation
[20:37:59] #Princess Natalie: O.o
[20:38:03] #Princess Natalie: No plz no
[20:38:03] +SilverEspeon: NO
[20:38:13] • #Champion Plasma blows an airhorn
[20:38:15] #Princess Natalie: hehehehehe
[20:38:19] @Sheastuck: the mouth to mouth minuet is pretty complicated after all!
[20:38:35] +SilverEspeon: ...
[20:38:36] #Champion Plasma: ....
[20:38:43] #Champion Plasma: I think thats enough
[20:38:45] @Sheastuck: you need to know how to pop it lock it and drop it just right
[20:38:53] ~Empress Trace: More about the face the face flamingo?
[20:38:53] +SilverEspeon: ......
[20:38:59] ~Empress Trace: *to
[20:39:10] @Sheastuck: as long as they dont advance to pole dancing
[20:39:20] +SilverEspeon: ........
[20:39:36] #Champion Plasma: What?!
[20:39:55] ~Empress Trace: The surface to surface strip boogy?
[20:40:09] #Champion Plasma: ......
[20:40:11] +SilverEspeon: Stop please
[20:40:36] @Sheastuck: the teeth to teeth tap dance?
[20:40:43] +SilverEspeon: ...
[20:40:43] #Champion Plasma: Enough!
[20:41:14] @Sheastuck: i dunno should we let them off?
[20:41:16] ~Empress Trace: The gum to gum groove.
[20:41:26] +SilverEspeon: .......
[20:41:29] #Champion Plasma: omfg
[20:41:40] +SilverEspeon: Stop please!!!
[20:41:44] #Champion Plasma: ^
[20:41:57] @Sheastuck: the tongue to tongue twerk
[20:41:59] ~Empress Trace: The side to side electric slide.
[20:42:03] #Champion Plasma: -__-
[20:42:07] @Sheastuck: oaky we're done
[20:42:12] @Sheastuck: just for now
[20:42:25] #Champion Plasma: U better be done >Sad
[20:42:26] @Sheastuck: if we see you guys getting your mack on again....
[20:42:44] #Princess Natalie: >.>
[20:42:46] #Princess Natalie: <.<
[20:42:46] ~Empress Trace: Yeah, no more bedroom breakdance, please.
[20:42:48] • +SilverEspeon facew
[20:42:49] @MKSLAYER97: LOL
[20:42:56] +SilverEspeon: Facepaws*
[20:42:58] @Sheastuck: W3'LL B3 B4CK FOR MOR3! >:]
[20:42:58] @MKSLAYER97: This entire log is just amazing.
[20:43:13] • %♡Electronic angel♡ throws apples at people
[20:43:16] @Sheastuck: funny logs!
[20:43:17] %♡Electronic angel♡: o.o
[20:43:19] • #Champion Plasma blows an airhorn and yells "Everyone cut it out!!!!"
[20:43:27] #Princess Natalie: e.e
[20:43:29] #Princess Natalie: XD
[20:43:30] @Sheastuck: mk please post it to funny logs omg somebody
[20:43:38] • +SilverEspeon runs around in confusion
[20:43:53] @Sheastuck: this was a new testament to my life
[20:43:54] ~Empress Trace: Oh no, a virtual airhorn.
[20:43:59] ~Empress Trace: Whatever shall I do.
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This server is no place for kids to get their macks on
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