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 Trace And Gavin Fighting about being stupid......

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PostSubject: Trace And Gavin Fighting about being stupid......   Wed Jan 08, 2014 8:20 pm

[17:59:46] ~Empress Trace: You are in no way more mature than Natalie.
[17:59:50] @JackZero: i'm older than you gavin, therefore you must do everything i say?
[17:59:52] ~Empress Trace: She may be dumb, but you exceed dumb.
[18:00:12] Gavgar: lets gave a dumb off then
[18:00:16] Gavgar: *have
[18:00:19] ~Empress Trace: You go so far above her dumb that, where her dumb the Earth, you would've suffacated due to oxygen deprivation.
[18:00:23] @JackZero: you win by default
[18:00:29] @Sheastuck: How about we don't and say we don't.
[18:00:32] Gavgar: i can breath]
[18:00:41] @JackZero: you can breath
[18:00:42] Gavgar: i can walk and talk
[18:00:44] ~Empress Trace: So dumb that metaphors are lost.
[18:00:47] @JackZero: you cannot grammar
[18:01:00] Gavgar: wat iz gramr
[18:01:02] Gavgar: ?

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Trace And Gavin Fighting about being stupid......
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