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 Whaddaya know, he can talk!

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PostSubject: Whaddaya know, he can talk!   Tue Nov 12, 2013 11:12 pm

[19:30] Desokoro: wasn't diogofrp10 auth at 1 time?
[19:32] ~Empress Trace: Yes.
[19:43] Desokoro: o.O and was he demoted for any reason(Meaning did he ask or did he violate staff rules)
[19:49] +Orivexes: um desokoro that's a really really rude question to ask
[19:49] ~Empress Trace: It's also a question I'm not going to answer.
[19:50] +Orivexes: anyways i'm headed out
[19:50] +Orivexes: see ya
[19:50] ~Empress Trace: Since you're just some random moron and that's a question you should ask the man himself.
[19:50] ~Empress Trace: By Ori.
[19:50] ~Empress Trace: *Bye
[19:55] Desokoro: excuse me?
[19:55] Desokoro: I find that rude
[19:55] Desokoro: the word Moron is harsh for 1
[19:56] Desokoro: and 2) you seem oversensitive as Truck
[19:56] ~Empress Trace: "Person of very low intelligence" work better for you?
[19:56] ~Empress Trace: And it's none of your business.
[19:56] ~Empress Trace: You should be aware of that, thus "moron."
[19:56] Desokoro: excuse me but I have a high gpa fyi
[19:56] ~Empress Trace: So did a lot of stupid people from my high school.
[19:56] ~Empress Trace: GPA is not a measure of intelligence.
[19:57] Desokoro: and I have a High IQ score
[19:57] ~Empress Trace: I also have one of those. It isn't hard to do.
[19:57] ~Empress Trace: Also, this is assuming you aren't talking out of your Nas. The only evidence I have of your intelligence is that you think I'm going to answer for you about someone else's business.
[19:57] ~Empress Trace: Which makes you not very bright.
[19:58] Desokoro: Oh I remember you were always rude.
[19:58] ~Empress Trace: This isn't rude, this is simply fact.
[19:58] Desokoro: I'd stop calling people stupid
[19:58] ~Empress Trace: You shouldn't be asking about his business.
[19:59] ~Empress Trace: You can go ahead and stop, I'm not going to.
[19:59] Desokoro: well it's about a simple auth on a chatroom, it's not like asking the guy about his sex life. jeez
[19:59] ~Empress Trace: I don't care about what subjective values you place on various social mistakes.
[20:00] ~Empress Trace: I care about the subjective values I and the other auth members place on various social mistakes.
[20:00] Desokoro: so basically you think you are god?
[20:00] Desokoro: is that it?
[20:00] Desokoro: well breaking news, you aren'y
[20:00] Desokoro: aren't*
[20:00] ~Empress Trace: I think this is a community I made and wrote the rules for.
[20:00] ~Empress Trace: If you don't like that, you can leave.
[20:00] ~Empress Trace: There are dozens of them.
[20:00] Desokoro: You did not make the rules 100% if i remember correctly
[20:01] ~Empress Trace: No, I didn't, but I'm the highest ranking auth, and the other two people of my rank would agree with me.
[20:02] ~Empress Trace: Also, I'm an atheist, so comparing me to God is totally lost on me.
[20:02] Desokoro: I know how to run a chat-room also and even I'm not so harsh. It's a simple question and my subjective values seem to be correct
[20:02] Heracles66: ...
[20:02] ~Empress Trace: To you, obviously.
[20:02] Desokoro: and let me rephrase my earlier statement
[20:03] ~Empress Trace: Asking about someone else's auth is rude and not your business.
[20:03] Desokoro: so basically you think you are a god?*
[20:03] Desokoro: Uhm I asked that question several times, you seem to just be in a pissed off mood
[20:03] ~Empress Trace: I've answered it several times, you're rude.
[20:04] Desokoro: Uhm look in a mirror for a second.
[20:04] ~Empress Trace: And atheism is for all gods, not just the one.
[20:04] ~Empress Trace: Yes, I'm rude.
[20:04] ~Empress Trace: That doesn't mean you're not.
[20:04] Desokoro: well you shouldn't be talking in that case
[20:04] Desokoro: i don't have any more time for a person like you
[20:04] Desokoro: good bye
Desokoro was banned by Empress Trace.
[20:05] ~Empress Trace: That was fun.


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Zygarde Tier
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PostSubject: Re: Whaddaya know, he can talk!   Wed Nov 13, 2013 6:18 am

When someone says "you think you're god" when you have complete control over them, it's more that they think you're god isn't it? anyway I'd say the best correction for that is, "Let me be clear about who I think I am. L'√Čtat, c'est moi."

Also, you should work on being more clear that "you think you're God" has no shock value to it, where as he was left thinking you didn't know who God was.

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Sableye Tier
Sableye Tier

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PostSubject: Re: Whaddaya know, he can talk!   Wed Nov 13, 2013 6:07 pm

Pardonne-moi, Monsieur Louis.

Art by Orivexes
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PostSubject: Re: Whaddaya know, he can talk!   

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Whaddaya know, he can talk!
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