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 The Superior Couple

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PostSubject: The Superior Couple   The Superior Couple EmptyMon Sep 02, 2013 11:06 pm

AN: If you review and say that another couple is worth mentioning at all, I will laugh at you for hours and hours and hours, then I may reply. I may.

May awoke from a deep sleep on a dreamy Tuesday. She was excited to compete in the day's Pokemon Contest. She looked over at her darling lover Harley. This was a rare occurrence where he slept longer than May.

"Wake up moonlight," she sang to the groggy purplenette.

"Oh heavens, I'm late!" he moaned as he pranced out the door.

May was a bit more posh than to leave the house without any preparation. She headed to the lavatory and took a quick shower, which this author will not divulge the details of. After that was done she brushed her teeth, and did her hair. She still had plenty of time so she elected to do her make up as well. Pokemon Contests are quite prestigious events after all and she couldn't be seen entering it any short of immaculate. May left, putting her Pokeballs in her exquisite bag.

May ran into the postal carrier on the way out the door.

"Wow May, the skies part ever upon the soil you walk," said the dog's bane.

"Oh you! Puhh-leaaase," Lady May replied in a practiced manner.

May arrived at the Pokemon Contest with an eighth-day to spare before the event. Harley looked at her through the mirror from his seat as he was having his hair prepared for the contest.

"Good luck Harley," May said absentmindedly walking to her dressing room.

"May, you know how much that bothers me, you're never supposed to say that before a Pokemon Contest," May interrupted Harley before he could finish.

"I know, I know. Rake a leaf," she hounded him, feeling a sudden sense of Déjà vu.

"Exactly, wait, what is it about leaves, I'll have to ponder it," Harley replied.

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The Superior Couple
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