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 Breakdown's Role Play Rules

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Breakdown's Role Play Rules Empty
PostSubject: Breakdown's Role Play Rules   Breakdown's Role Play Rules EmptyTue Aug 20, 2013 9:42 pm

Please follow Breakdown's Role Play Rules, lest you find yourself traveling a dark path of darkness...

1. No god modding. Your character is not invincible, and if they are, they'll make the role play much less fun for everyone else.
2. Avoid mary-sues.*
3. The OP of the role play has the right to kick your character out and lock you from the role play if you prove to be a hindrance.
4. Your post cannot be anything less than four lines.
5. If you would like to have more than one character in a role play, or join more than one role play, please ensure that you keep up with everything.
6. If you do not reply for 2 weeks without notifying the OP, you will be kicked from the role play.
7. Do not change the course of the role play against the will of others. The OP/mods will punish those that alter the course of the role play.
8. Keep away from using chatspeak leik dis. If you aren't literate enough to write a few sentences or paragraphs, maybe this section for the forums isn't for you.
9. Overtly sexual role plays are NOT ALLOWED.
10. Character bios describe your character, no 'you'll see later on' in your bio please.
11. If you want to get out of an role play you've joined, talk to whoever is running the rp so they can kill you.

*Unless the role play states you can make mary sues. In this case, assume all characters are mary sues, and that if yours is not on their level, he/she will be annihilated.

If you have any questions, ask them below. They'll be answered and, if important, added to this post in the form of an FAQ section.
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Breakdown's Role Play Rules
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