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 Are internet marriages legally binding?

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PostSubject: Are internet marriages legally binding?   Sat Aug 10, 2013 11:37 pm

21:21 Hulavuta ok
21:21 Hulavuta so when did this happen
21:22 Bakyura Thats was odd
21:22 Shea Maybe next week
21:22 Hulavuta what
21:22 Bakyura What?_?
21:22 Hulavuta I said when did
21:22 Hulavuta and you said a future date
21:22 Hulavuta how is this possible
21:22 Bakyura Yay
21:22 Shea We aren't married yet
21:23 Hulavuta no I meant
21:23 Hulavuta when were you dating/when did you get engaged
21:23 Shea Yesterday
21:23 Hulavuta how long have you known each other?
21:23 Shea A year
21:23 Hulavuta and what's her name
21:23 Shea ______
21:23 Hulavuta and how old is she
21:23 Shea 13
21:23 Bakyura Lol hula is interveiwing for approval
21:23 Hulavuta whoa
21:23 Hulavuta that is pretty young
21:23 Shea I said she's young
21:24 Hulavuta I thought when you said younger than me you meant like
21:24 Hulavuta 16
21:24 Hulavuta idk
21:24 Shea lol
21:24 Hulavuta is a 13 year old ready to get married though Neutral
21:24 Shea Idk
21:24 Bakyura Yesss
21:24 Shea she said yes
21:24 Bakyura Aw
21:24 Shea <3
21:24 Hulavuta yeah but still
21:24 Shea Hula dear, it's an internet marriage/
21:24 Hulavuta what
21:24 Shea Yes
21:25 Hulavuta is it legally binding
21:25 Shea No
21:25 Hulavuta wow
21:25 Hulavuta I was tricked
21:25 Bakyura Lol

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Are internet marriages legally binding?
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