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 Snow Cloak/Sand Veil discussion

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PostSubject: Snow Cloak/Sand Veil discussion   Thu Mar 01, 2012 5:52 pm

Before reading this; please note that this is a DISCUSSION your input on this discussion may or may not change the tiering here at Realgam.

I would like everyones opinion on the idea of the currently newly placed tiers. Seeing as how i've heard many things against banning Snow Cloak/Sand Veil, and many people have made good arguements towards the manner.

Our opinion on these abilities was that 2 main pokemon run this ability and seem to sweep teams way too easily when given the chance, these pokemon are;

There are viable counters to these pokemon but the idea of hax behind them makes it somewhat difficult to counter.

So please give your opinion on the matter. Make sure your opinion is detailed and makes a valid point towards our subject and make your opinion CLEAR. Thank you

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steel dragons
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Arceus Tier

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PostSubject: Re: Snow Cloak/Sand Veil discussion   Thu Mar 01, 2012 7:03 pm

Well, I've stated my opinion before; I'll restate it here.

I think that Sand Veil / Snow Cloak should not be banned outright, because many of the Pokemon that have those abilities (the main ones being Cacturne, Garchomp, Froslass, and Mamoswine) are not widely used. Also, while those abilities can be considered 'haxy', there are many times that the ability will never come into play, and the Pokemon need the right weather in play in order to effectively use the ability.

Also, certain Pokemon are affected in a negative waywhen Snow Cloak / Sand Veil are banned. Froslass loses out on the moves Spikes, Disable, and Trick while Cacturne loses out on the moves Focus Punch, Drain Punch, Giga Drain, and Switcheroo. (I'm assuming that the Pokemon can't have dream world abilities with egg moves; if i'm wrong, please let me know.)

My opinion is this:

Ban Garchomp from OU altogether: Garchomp has stabbed Dragon and Ground moves, a great attack stat and good speed stat, and decent defenses as well. It was banned from OU last generation, and it was banned from OU this generation in many palces for good reason.

Don't ban Sand Veil Gliscor: The benefits of Poison Heal Gliscor outweigh the benefits of Sand Veil Gliscor. Would you rather have 12.5% recovery each turn, or have a chance at a move missing you? The majority of people lean toward the former choice, so I don't see any reason to ban Sand Veil Gliscor.

Don't ban the abilities Sand Veil and Snow Cloak: I've already stated why I think they shouldn't be banned, just look at the first few paragraphs.
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PostSubject: Re: Snow Cloak/Sand Veil discussion   Sat Mar 03, 2012 3:08 am

Banning those abilities is the same to say (in normal conditions) that just because a person misses Stone Edge or Focus Blast, the battle must be played again.

Is a freaking part of the game, and the only Pkmn who is just overpowered to use it is Chomp, the others are countered with relative ease. And steel dragons' reply is almost 100% true, although on the Gliscor ability choose it depends if you need a troller sweeper or a physically defensive wall, the former uses Sand Veil and the latter Poison Heal, although there are bulkier attacker sets that use Poison Heal.
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PostSubject: Re: Snow Cloak/Sand Veil discussion   

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Snow Cloak/Sand Veil discussion
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