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 Biggest idiot ever

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PostSubject: Biggest idiot ever   Thu Aug 01, 2013 5:52 pm

[15:35] queentrace1: dont ban me pls
[15:35] ~Queentrace: User: queentrace1
[15:35] ~Queentrace: Alt: makeveli41
[15:35] ~Queentrace: Alt: rulefollower69
[15:35] ~Queentrace: Alt: The single biggest idiot on Earth
[15:35] ~Queentrace: Previous names: f4gdaddy
[15:35] ~Queentrace: You really think I can't tell?
[15:36] queentrace1: wtf r u talking
[15:36] queentrace1: about
[15:36] ~Queentrace: I have your IP address.
[15:36] ~Queentrace: That means I can see all your alt.
[15:36] ~Queentrace: *alts
[15:36] queentrace1: no u cant
[15:36] ~Queentrace: Uh, yeah, I can.
[15:36] queentrace1: i have ur IP that means i can see ur all of ur Homosexual porn
[15:37] ~Queentrace: Well, even if you did, which you don't, you couldn't.
[15:37] ~Queentrace: Because that's not how IPs work.
[15:37] queentrace1: i do tho
[15:37] queentrace1: it is
[15:37] ~Queentrace: Oh, so you're hacking me?
[15:37] DB Force Eevee: lolololol
[15:38] queentrace1: ban DB Force Eevee
[15:38] ~Queentrace: Maybe I should give YOUR IP address to the FBI.
[15:38] queentrace1: sorry then
[15:38] ~Queentrace: They'd certainly like to know that a hacker is going through my shit.

Later he changed names and came back with this in PM.

nicestperson: sorry bro didnt mean to hurt ur peelings
nicestperson: fellings*
nicestperson: fedling*
~Queentrace: *feelings
nicestperson: u know what im saying
~Queentrace: Don't worry, I forgive.
~Queentrace: U.S. law enforcement agencies, however, ususally don't.
nicestperson: imnot a hacker retard
~Queentrace: You got into my files, so you are.
nicestperson: i dont even know what an IP address is first off
~Queentrace: Yeah, I figured that much.
~Queentrace: But I do have a confession from your IP adress as "looking through my Homosexual porn." so that's a good start.
nicestperson: and second off if i was a hacker the reign would have already started
~Queentrace: Well, thanks for sparing us up until this point.
nicestperson: dude chill pls
nicestperson: just a game
~Queentrace: If I were you I'd get an IP changer. Maybe move to mexcio just to be on the safe side.
~Queentrace: I hear the fines for cyber terrorism aren't cheap.
nicestperson: sorry dude i will leave u alone
nicestperson: please forgive me
nicestperson: im not joking

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PostSubject: Re: Biggest idiot ever   Thu Aug 01, 2013 6:04 pm

This is actually the best

Art by Orivexes
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PostSubject: Re: Biggest idiot ever   Thu Aug 01, 2013 7:55 pm

I laughed so hard my chin fell off xD

[10:49:03]~Invalid:and gavin is my whore?
[10:49:03]~Invalid:I think I'd sell him for a pack of cigarettes, and I don't smoke

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PostSubject: Re: Biggest idiot ever   

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Biggest idiot ever
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