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 June Tier Voting Results

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PostSubject: June Tier Voting Results   Sun Jun 30, 2013 9:41 pm

These are the results of the June Tier Vote. Anything that received a tie vote will remain in the tier is was already in. There were seven votes this time so all votes should be equal or less than seven. If it is less than seven, the rest are abstains. If you aren't happy with the state of the tiers, the next vote is on August 2.

Kyurem-B STAYS in Ubers 4-3
Cloyster STAYS in Ubers 3-3
Arcanine MOVES to Creative 7-0
Milotic MOVES to Inspired 7-0
Ditto MOVES to Tesla 6-0
Krush MOVES to CAP Ubers 4-0

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June Tier Voting Results
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