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 Analysis Guidelines

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Sableye Tier
Sableye Tier

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PostSubject: Analysis Guidelines    Sat May 11, 2013 3:51 pm

You must have your analysis proofread by at least one analysis staff member before it is approved to the Official section.
Try to avoid first person in the actual meat of the set. In some instances it's fine, but in general don't do it. Stay in third and second person.
If your analysis doesn't follow the official format, it won't be moved, but it also won't be deleted.
You are allowed to use other people and sources for sets and ideas. Just describe them in your own words.

The Title
The title of your thread should be as follows:
Pokemon Name [Tier Name]

Remember to stay within the boundaries of the tier you are writing for. For example, if you are writing a Standard article, Pokemon from Ubers may not be included in it. However, Pokemon from all lower tiers can be included, but their names must be in italics.

The Table
One thing you will eventually need when you create an analysis article is a chart. You can make your own using the template found here. If you can't make your own, post a request to have one created for you here.

The Overview
Here, post a brief description of the Pokemon you're analyzing. Give a general idea of what it does and what it's capable of. This is the place where you try to "sell" the Pokemon.

The Sets
Here, post the sets that you are going to analyze. All of the Pokemon must have their name set to "Breakdown." Make sure that the set is in importable format. This means so slashes, or anything that will prevent the set from being pasted directly into teambuilder.

Underneath your set, describe it. Within reasonable detail, talk about the set's purpose and how it should be used. Any alternative moves you want to include should go here, with what move they can replace being designated.

Remember that your sets will be subject to the scrutiny of everyone who reads them, so try to ensure that they are viable.

After 4 sets have been listed, any other sets need to go below them in a spoiler tag. Try to keep the sets you feel are most competitively viable above spoiler tags.

What not to do in the sets section
When describing the sets, DO NOT STATE THE OBVIOUS. I cannot overstate this enough. Briefly describe what the EV spread is meant to accomplish if needed, for example:

"Sableye runs 252 EVs into special defense and hp because Will-O-Wisp will allow it to wall physical attackers."
What you should not do is this:
"Sableye runs 252 EVs into special defense and hp because Will-O-Wisp will allow it to wall physical attackers because Will-O-Wisp reduces the physical attacking stat by half. Leftovers will give Sableye a small amount of recovery every turn..."

These are analysis', NOT tutoring threads. You do not have to go in depth and explain every single little mechanic to the reader. This includes what items, abilities, and moves do. Only explain your EV spread if there is a particular reason to. If Haxorus is running 252spe/attack, we know why. However, if it's running a specific speed for a certain reason, go into more detail about that. Going into more detail when arguing for or against a certain item/move/ability in comparison to another is also fine, just don't overdo it.

These articles are meant to be reasonably slim, compact, and easy to read. Including didactic little run ons for every single mechanic will cause things to become cluttered and unruly. If someone doesn't know what EVs are, this section is not the place for them to learn.

Miscellaneous information
This is a sort of unnamed section of analysis that on occasion people make use of. In between the sets and checks/counters section, you may post brief information relative to the pokemon in question here. This can be calculations (although if they have to do with a specific set they should go under it), statements about a particular move or ability not mentioned in any of the sets, or anything similar. Try to use only brief statements here, and make sure you put significant spacing between the last set mentioned and the checks and counters section.

Checks and Counters
Here, talk about what works well against the Pokemon in question. This can be specific sets or pokemon, or things in general that give your pokemon a hard time. If you are going to refer to a specific pokemon as a check or a counter, make sure you use the correct terminology, which can be read about here. Be sure to include as many examples as you can think of. This section will be invaluable to the reader, as it better prepares them for using the pokemon you're writing about.

In this section, talk about which pokemon work well on teams with the one you're writing about. This can be for any reason, whether it's covering each other's weakness, or dealing with its counters. Just be sure to say why that specific pokemon helps the one you're writing about. Again, list as many as you can think of here.

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Analysis Guidelines
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