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 Skype Trolling Ddog as of Sep 1st 2011

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PostSubject: Skype Trolling Ddog as of Sep 1st 2011   Wed May 08, 2013 6:53 pm

[12:53:03 AM] Invalid: The people you love are all losers
[12:53:20 AM] Invalid: turn me out Butch from Team Rocket
[2:39:36 AM] Ddog Baby: Hi Invalid..
[2:39:50 AM] Ddog Baby: Still being a kid I see.
[2:40:22 AM] Invalid: you're so immature
[2:40:40 AM] Invalid: when are you going to grow up?
[2:40:58 AM] Invalid: basically you're a man child
[2:41:46 AM] Invalid: nice paragraph there
[2:42:01 AM] Ddog Baby: Nah. I dont have time to randomly post things like Calling my friends Losers. We already know thats what you are. But Im busy rite now. I deal with your immaturity and self problems later.
[2:42:42 AM] Invalid: basically you're meryl streep
[2:42:44 AM] Ddog Baby: Its fun to see how much you like to bother me.
[2:43:01 AM] Ddog Baby: You that no lifer?
[2:43:39 AM] Invalid: well I'm pretty much having a life right now, but I don't really need to explain that
[2:44:10 AM] Ddog Baby: So if you are then why ya botherin me?
[2:44:27 AM] Ddog Baby: Is your life conserned with me?
[2:44:38 AM] Ddog Baby: If so.. Im flattered.
[2:47:10 AM] Ddog Baby: Completely quiet now? Well thanks for the chat.
[2:47:37 AM] Invalid: I just thought you wanted me not to talk, you seem to be confrontational
[2:48:37 AM] Ddog Baby: About? Everything I did with you is done..
[2:52:01 AM] Invalid: ...
[2:52:01 AM] Ddog Baby: So what am I going to confront you with?
[2:52:18 AM] Invalid: dfrog
[2:52:45 AM] Ddog Baby: Is that an insult?
[2:53:34 AM] Ddog Baby: Oh.. Boohoo My feelings are so hurt.. (Like I really give a Truck!)
[2:56:55 AM | Edited 2:56:56 AM] Invalid: okay James Franco, just disconnect
[2:57:59 AM] Ddog Baby: The only thing you can do is call me names. Lol Anything else? If ya miss me then just say so.
[2:58:38 AM] Invalid: dude, you're pretty much being Tom Kruz inventor of the hover round now.
[2:59:02 AM] Ddog Baby: round now? I am pretty sure it is Right now. Smartness.
[2:59:52 AM] Ddog Baby: Quit tring to attention child. Learn your place.
[2:59:58 AM] Invalid: You don't know who Tom Kruz inventor of the Hover Round is? You're basically Randy Travis.
[3:01:00 AM] Ddog Baby: You are going to keep calling me people that have done things to make them get money. So thanks for the compliments.
[3:01:30 AM] Invalid: yeah man, you're acting like John Goodman, 7 time Emmy Award Nominee. Pathetic.
[3:02:33 AM] Ddog Baby: At least I was nominated. While your at home doing nothing with yourself
[3:02:58 AM] Invalid: Okay, Bam Margera, star of Viva La Bam, why don't you just get over yourself
[3:03:59 AM] Ddog Baby: Man.. And all those people are getting money. I could see if you call me somebody who is broke but you calling me people who are famous lololol. You are failing hard.
[3:04:36 AM] Invalid: You're failing, like Stephen Hawking taking a physics test.
[3:05:23 AM] Ddog Baby: Keep on with the compliments. What are you tring to accomplish no lifer?
[3:05:54 AM | Edited 3:06:18 AM] Invalid: Basically you don't know how to spell trying, you're pretty much Fonzie from Happy Days.
[3:06:53 AM] Invalid: Are you going to look that up Eddie Haskel?
[3:07:48 AM] Ddog Baby: Still having fun? Call me names lol. Get over yourself.
[3:08:18 AM] Invalid: You need to get over yourself, you're pretty much being Marsha from the Brady Bunch.
[3:08:53 AM] Invalid: And Jan is sitting in front of a mirror saying Marsha Marsha Marsha
[3:09:07 AM] Invalid: because you're so self important
[3:14:17 AM] Ddog Baby: You do realize, That I have you beat at every corner now right? You have done nothing to even put a dent in my confidence or anything at that. Your best results are calling me famous names while I am acting more better than you in anyway possible. I remember when I thought you were actually doing something now you are just wasting time and kidding yourself by trying to bother me and waste time? What are you gonna do with yourself besides live in a basement watching Hentai all day long. Because you dont live in the real life. You surround yourself with people who practally will dicksuck you period which is soooo Pathetic. Come on Invalid, Wheres you best stuff I've seen you troll better then this crap. My 10 year old brother can troll better than you. Get A life bro.
[3:16:51 AM] Ddog Baby: Lol I love the status btw. Mention me Fanboy.
[3:17:46 AM] Invalid: You're pretty much as long winded as Kanye West, Artist, Performer, Genius.
[3:18:29 AM] Ddog Baby: Still with the names?
[3:19:35 AM] Invalid: Yeah still with the names, Christopher Walken, frequent guest on Saturday Night Live and hilarious in everything.
[3:21:06 AM] Invalid: You're picture is a horse, you're pretty much Ann Romney, spouse of Mitt Romney, Republican US Presidential Candidate of 2012
[3:21:14 AM] Ddog Baby: Ah Shut Up Dustin Hicks.
[3:21:43 AM] Invalid: no you didn't, no you fucking didn't, you took it way to far with that.
[3:22:08 AM] Invalid: Bill Clinton, President of the United states from 1996 to 2000.
[3:22:33 AM] Ddog Baby: Awwh you are mad?
[3:22:43 AM] Ddog Baby: The Troll just got Trolled.
[3:23:35 AM | Edited 3:23:48 AM] Invalid: I'm so pissed, because you called me Dustin Hicks. You have trolled me so well, that you're basically Steven Colbert, start of the popular spoof news show The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, Wednesdays at 10:30.
[3:24:25 AM] Ddog Baby: Ahh getting fucked in the Coin Purse i see.
[3:25:39 AM] Invalid: oh no you didn't, you're pretty much being Mike Tyson, former heavy weight champion of the world and cameo on the movie The Hangover, by putting such a pounding on me emotionally.
[3:26:14 AM] Ddog Baby: Oh well. Run and cling to your pathetic life.
[3:27:23 AM] Invalid: now see, that doesn't do it for me, you pretty much just pulled a Michael Jordan by quitting something you're great at like he did with basketball, and doing something you're terrible at like he did with baseball, not to mention golf which was pathetic.
[3:28:06 AM] Ddog Baby: What did I Quit at?
[3:29:17 AM] Invalid: using good insults like Dustin Hicks, or Coin Purse. You went back to using things like Pathetic, You're pretty much Courtney Love right now.
[3:30:01 AM] Ddog Baby: I dont have time for you.... Givin me complements.
[3:31:50 AM | Edited 3:32:01 AM] Invalid: If you really feel like I'm complimenting you, you're pretty much being Josh Weed, relevant Ex-Homosexual therapist who is actually still Homosexual himself.
[3:32:31 AM] Ddog Baby: Only I know my Sexuality.. We know you are Homosexual.
[3:33:43 AM] Invalid: well yeah, duh.
[3:33:58 AM] Invalid: I wasn't calling you Homosexual, I was calling you Josh Weed, relevant Ex-Homosexual therapist who is actually still Homosexual himself.
[3:34:40 AM] Ddog Baby: Thats great Invalid,
[3:35:16 AM] Invalid: You're pretty much taking everything out of context like Bill O'Riely, host of the talk news show, The O'Riely Factor.
[3:35:38 AM] Ddog Baby: We know you are.
[3:36:14 AM] Ddog Baby: bye now.
[3:36:46 AM] Invalid: to step away from the celebrity joke, I hope like hell you're not Homosexual, I don't want to see any guy stuck with you, it would pretty much be like if you were OJ Simpson's wife.

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Skype Trolling Ddog as of Sep 1st 2011
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