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 Violet huehuehue

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PostSubject: Violet huehuehue   Wed May 01, 2013 12:57 am

[10:37:15 PM] Austin: Ddog just whored out a hooker, I can't believe that guy.
[10:37:26 PM] Aly: hm?
[10:38:05 PM] Austin: I told him it was wrong, but all he said was "Why would you care about a slut."
[10:38:27 PM] Aly: so?
[10:38:55 PM] Austin: Aren't you going to do anything?
[10:39:21 PM] Aly: why me?
[10:39:45 PM] Austin: You're the only one who could stop him before.
[10:39:56 PM] Aly: i dont play PO anymore
[10:40:53 PM] Austin: This has nothing to do with PO, this is an innocent girl, and Ddog tried to sell her to me, I don't know what to do, please help.
[10:41:19 PM] Aly: -sigh- are you telling the truth or just tricking me
[10:41:38 PM] Austin: Yes.
[10:42:01 PM] Austin: I'm telling the truth.
[10:42:09 PM] Aly: tell me your side of the story
[10:42:13 PM] Aly: start to finish
[10:50:11 PM] Austin: I started talking to Ddog awhile back, he was talking about how good his life had been, so I talked to him today and I asked "What changed in the past few months?" and he said "I'm a pimp now.", and I said "Nah I don't want to hear about that stuff." and he said. "No, you now know, the only way I can trust you is if you accept a hooker as my gift." and he also said "If you don't, I know where you live."
[10:52:10 PM] Aly: are you telling me the truth
[10:52:17 PM] Aly: he says he doesnt know you
[10:52:31 PM] Austin: He doesn't want you to know.
[10:53:30 PM] Aly: -sigh-
[10:53:51 PM] Aly: im not his mother nor his guardian

[10:54:21 PM] DDog: So... I am a pimp am I?
[10:54:36 PM] Austin: I'm afraid to talk to you >.>
[10:54:40 PM] Aly: -sigh- and i was having such a peaceful night
[10:54:56 PM] DDog: So, I sold a girl to you.. Did I?
[10:55:06 PM] Aly: dom, you lied to me also
[10:55:10 PM] DDog: I am not in a good mood to play games.
[10:55:15 PM] DDog: Tell her the truth.
[10:55:32 PM] DDog: I don't even talk to you Austin.
[10:55:43 PM] Aly: dom, you said you didnt know Austin
[10:55:46 PM] Austin: The hooker was really the main character to Viva Piniata
[10:55:50 PM] *** Austin has left ***

With a Pangeance!
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Violet huehuehue
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