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 Some replays I saved

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PostSubject: Some replays I saved   Sun Apr 28, 2013 1:20 pm

Why you should love Jolteon:

Chandy saves the day(Thx Frost):

Serperior was unlucky, but still, Chandelure did his job.

Skarm/Gengar trolling

Frost, don't kick my Nas because of Sludge Bomb on Gengar's moveset, I didn't put in on purpose and I swear I thought I had Shadow Ball lol

Even then, Sludge Bomb's power + STAB is cool :3

Random Luck at Lucario = Sweep

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[10:49:03]~Invalid:I think I'd sell him for a pack of cigarettes, and I don't smoke

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Some replays I saved
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