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 "You made this server correct?"

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Zygarde Tier
Zygarde Tier

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PostSubject: "You made this server correct?"   Sat Apr 27, 2013 8:21 pm

Shockosion: you made the server correct?
Shockosion: Invalid?
Shockosion: hello?
~Invalid: yes
Shockosion: can i ask you how to amke a server?
Shockosion: *make
~Invalid: https://github.com/Zarel/Pokemon-Showdown
Shockosion: yeah
~Invalid: there's a readme at the bottom
Shockosion: where at the bottom?
~Invalid: if you press page down while you're at the top, it will be right there in big letters
Shockosion: doc.test?
Shockosion: *txt
~Invalid: README.md
Shockosion: this? https://github.com/Zarel/Pokemon-Showdown/blob/master/README.md
~Invalid: yes

If this guy can host a server after me having to hold his hand this much just to find the readme, I'll be shocked.

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"You made this server correct?"
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