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 April Tier Voting Results

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PostSubject: April Tier Voting Results   Mon Apr 15, 2013 2:39 am

These are the results of the April Tier Vote. Anything that received a tie vote will remain in the tier is was already in. There were eight votes this time (which is less than our number of nominations, shockingly), so all votes should be equal or less than eight. If it is less than eight, the rest are abstains. If you aren't happy with the state of the tiers, the next vote is on May 2. If any Pokemon has a 1 in a otherwise unanimous Pokemon, blame Diogo. (Except Umbreon, that was me.) These tiers will come into effect now.

Cloyster Stay in Standard 4-4
Cresselia Moves to Standard 7-0
Kyurem-B Stay in Ubers 3-3
Stoutland Moves to Standard 5-0
Zoroark Moves to Standard 7-0
Genesect All Drive Formes Move to Creative 7-0
Gyarados Stay in Standard 3-5
Lilligant Stay in Inspired 2-4
Slowbro Moves to Creative 6-1
Arcanine Moves to Inspired 5-1
Ditto Moves to Inspired 5-0
Excadrill Moves to Creative 8-0
Froslass Moves to Inspired 5-2
Gallade Moves to Inspired 6-1
Milotic Moves to Inspired 7-1
Porygon2 Moves to Inspired 6-1
Roserade Moves to Inspired 8-0
Sigilyph Moves to Inspired 8-0
Tangrowth Moves to Inspired 6-1
Umbreon Moves to Inspired 7-1

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Arceus Tier
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PostSubject: Re: April Tier Voting Results   Mon Apr 15, 2013 3:12 pm

Man...I was looking forward to using Kyurem-B in standard, and it was this close to going to standard.

I'm a little surprised that Cloyster almost went to Ubers, and I think that Gyarados will keep getting nominated, but keep staying in standard. (Gyarados has survived at least two attempts to mvoe to creative)

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Alphabet Soup Tier

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PostSubject: Re: April Tier Voting Results   Mon Apr 15, 2013 3:26 pm

Yes, If I could, I would've changed my vote, but unfortunetly, I was already too late to send Cloyster to Ubers xD

Same about Kyurem-B though, even made a team for my bro around it so he could use it

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PostSubject: Re: April Tier Voting Results   

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April Tier Voting Results
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