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 Omegle Logs

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PostSubject: Omegle Logs   Thu Apr 04, 2013 6:29 am

Use this thread to host Omegle logs. These are from some of questions Invalid and I wrote, and some others wrote.

[2:35:42 AM ] Invalid: Like, why would stacy say, that? she's such a slut, I can't believe she would say that behind my back, I'm kicking her out of the lunch table. wtf?

Stranger 1: Her mom was better
Stranger 2: who is stacy
Stranger 1: She's got it going on

[2:50:40 AM ] Kingtrace: Shit, the bomb is about to go off, red or blue wire, damn it? RED OR BLUE?!

Stranger 1: BOOM!!!

[2:56:40 AM ] Kingtrace: He escaped my death trap again. Should I just shoot him?

Stranger 2: I think so.
Stranger 1: Me too
Stranger 2: Freaking heroes, man.
Stranger 2: It's better to skip the ego-boosting.

[3:03:15 AM ] Invalid: Question to discuss:
How do I win Omegle?
Stranger 1: you have to keep playing for a looong time
Stranger 2: By killing the boss
Stranger 1: then kill the boss
Stranger 1: :D
Stranger 1: you have to collect letters too
Stranger 2: Yea but there's a twist
Stranger 2: The boss is you!
Stranger 1: me?
Stranger 2: No him
Stranger 1: aw that guy >>>
Stranger 2: No that guy ^^^
Stranger 1: maybe its a her?
Stranger 2: Run I think I hear it!

[3:05:57 AM ] Kingtrace: I left my son in the liquor store and I'm too lazy to go pick him up, you think they'll let him stay there even if he's not 21?
Stranger 1: Ya
Stranger 2: that or CPS will get him for you
Stranger 2: either or its a win win for that child

[3:11:37 AM ] Kingtrace: Shit shit shit, my car's at the bottom of the river, how the Truck do I do?
Stranger 1: roll window donw
Stranger 1: down*
Stranger 1: be a boss
Stranger 2: Call a tow truck
Stranger 1: lol
Stranger 2: Unless you're in the car. Then call nine one one
Stranger 1: i guess they didnt say if u were in the car or not

[3:12:16 AM ] Invalid: Can you feel the love tonight?

Stranger 2: morgan freeman
Stranger 1: no
Stranger 2: well
Stranger 1: thats me
Stranger 2: i can always make you feel it
Stranger 2: even if you don't want it
Stranger 2: hehehehe
Stranger 1: i want it
Stranger 2: oh i bet you do

[3:16:32 AM ] Invalid: Can you feel the love tonight?

Stranger 1: yes
Stranger 2: lion kingg
Stranger 1: lion king 1 1/2
Stranger 1: my fav
Stranger 2: idc simba was some hot lion
Stranger 2: so was kovu
Stranger 1: hahaha lol truee

In this one I, kingtrace, am marked You, and am answering someone else's question


[4:00:22 AM ] Invalid: Would you rather ride a giraffe or a cheetah?

Stranger 1: giraffe
Stranger 2: Id rather ride your penis ;)
Stranger 1: then i could gi'raff'e at all the people beneath me

[3:38:54 AM ] Invalid: Why can't Batman and Joker be friends?

Stranger 2: Because they can't
Stranger 1: Because comic books are for children.
Stranger 1: and make no sense whatsoever.
Stranger 2: Shut up, no they arn't
Stranger 2 has disconnected

[3:44:03 AM ] Invalid: Why is it that only pussies hunt quail?

Stranger 2: O_o
Stranger 1: Dude quail is delicious.
Stranger 2: Is that a sexual reference?
Stranger 1: I hunt quail and I've shot bucks before.
Stranger 1: And no it's hunting
Stranger 2: Oh
Stranger 2: You're cruel.
Stranger 1: Excuse me? Meat is good.
Stranger 2: Don't hunt birds. They don't hunt humans.
Stranger 2: Yeah so eat your hand!
Stranger 1: So what? They taste good. They give you muscle
Stranger 2: >___>
Stranger 1: And no, I need my hands to shoot animals
Stranger 2: This is pointless
Stranger 2: D:
Stranger 2: Other animals?
Stranger 2 has disconnected

[3:53:21 AM ] Invalid: Would you do a caveman if you thought he was a hot girl?

Stranger 1: That doesn't even make sense.
Stranger 2: Truck u Christian


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PostSubject: Re: Omegle Logs   Thu Apr 04, 2013 10:05 am

Dafuq did i just read.

And wtf is omegle?

[10:49:03]~Invalid:and gavin is my whore?
[10:49:03]~Invalid:I think I'd sell him for a pack of cigarettes, and I don't smoke

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Omegle Logs
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