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 Mad Snail Disease - New Clan (UPDATED)

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PostSubject: Mad Snail Disease - New Clan (UPDATED)   Wed Mar 06, 2013 11:39 pm

cheers Okay, we have some changes to my previous thread. Now you can completely join if you are interested. If you are interested in joining, then contact me via this site or the Pokemon Showdown site, which is pokemonshowdown.com. Probably going to be around 6 members. Epic clan battles and a lot of practice will follow when you join this clan. If you express interest, I will test you in a manner that I see fit; obviously it will be the same for all. If you are good, you will advance through the ranks quickly. Don't forget to follow the rules listed below and fill out an application if you are interested.


How much time do you usually spend on any server on Pokemon Showdown? -

What server are you usually on? -

Discuss why you are interested in joining the clan -

Rank yourself using the ranks underneath as you see fit (ultimately I will decide your rank, but this is just for me to get a bearing) -

Thank you for filling this out!
The ranks are as follows:

Apprentice - Starters and First-timers.

Journeyman - Getting better, more strategy to your battles; experienced novice.

Expert - Much improvement, still lacking a little bit, but very good.

Champion - Top members of the clan, hardest to beat, very strategic, and very talented.


1.) Always respect the rules of whatever server you are on.

2.) Respect those who are ranked higher than you.

3.) Try not to be inappropriate with language or username content. I know something will slip up now and again, but if it is constant, a punishment will have to be doled out.

4.) Do not pester authority. I'm sure they will be busy, so try to be considerate with them.

5.) Remember, always have fun and keep working hard. Eventually you will get better and rise through the ranks.

I think I finally have all that is needed to get this ship sailing. As always, if you work hard, you will see improvement. I know, because thanks to one of the admins, I have been a lot better. Practice, practice, practice, and we will lead this clan into battle...and open up a FULL CAN of WHOOP-*SS!!!!! afro

(BTW) - Main website is pokemonshowdown.com and if you would like to contact me to ask a question or whatever, I am mostly on the Breakdown server, usually at some point during the day.

Signing Off,

Clan Leader - CJRebs

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PostSubject: Re: Mad Snail Disease - New Clan (UPDATED)   Wed Mar 06, 2013 11:48 pm

Moved this from General Discussion to Clans.

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PostSubject: Re: Mad Snail Disease - New Clan (UPDATED)   Wed Mar 20, 2013 2:31 pm

Cjrebs, you need to include an application for potential members to fill out and rules for your members to follow before this starts getting any traffic.

Your application can be as simple as PO Name: and Forum Name: (and please don't copy this format, it's horrible and would look silly.), but you should include on it anything you want to know about your members, because you won't get it otherwise.

Rules are an obvious thing to have so when you get pissed at your members for something you can show them your rules and say "It says not to do that!" instead of "I don't like it so get out!"

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PostSubject: Re: Mad Snail Disease - New Clan (UPDATED)   

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Mad Snail Disease - New Clan (UPDATED)
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