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 Clan War Recap 2/23/13

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PostSubject: Clan War Recap 2/23/13   Sat Feb 23, 2013 9:58 pm

Rag Tag and Shadow Guard had a war scheduled for 7 PM ET, it started within a few minutes of the scheduled time.

[RT]xWhoD3y v [SG]Fallen_Troll - A battle in Fallen_Troll took the early lead, but ended up losing in the end to good plays by xWhoD3y.

[RT]Invalid v [SG]Sickka - A battle in which Invalid easily took with a whopping 5-0.

[RT]Maxedofhaxed v [SG]Aeon G. - A battle in which Maxedofhaxed haxed Aeon G. in some places, but the major hax won him the game.


[RT]Maxedofhaxed v [SG]RisingPokeStar - A battle that had little hax and there was a solid win by Maxedofhaxed.

[RT]Maxedofhaxed v [SG]GarythePimp - Maxedofhaxed won, but just barely as in the deciding factor was a Serperior speed tie.

Final Results: RT 3-0
Bonus Rounds: Maxedofhaxed 2-0
Final Results with Bonus Rounds: 5-0

The video will be published soon to https://www.youtube.com/user/BreakdownEverything Subscribe to catch the upload.
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Clan War Recap 2/23/13
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