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PostSubject: Aye.   Mon Jan 07, 2013 5:00 am

What's up guys, you may remember me, I used to be part of this server. My name is Kratos, I used to go by Amazon Pandora, Viridi, or -Latias- .

This is just a greeting, I've been doing fine with my life, I play soccer in my school's team. Also I've gotten a lot of respect from PO people because I've been on page #1 of the Uber ladder for the last 4 months. I like that tier a lot. I've been offered to join IMP but I declined. My youtube channel has been going pretty well with all the support I get from people. My favorite pokemon is Suicune and my favorite Uber is Giratina-O because it can be anything you want. I may have talked to some of you. Maxedofhaxed if he still goes to the server and Kingtrace. I'm going to visit when I can or just when I remember because I'm busy during the week with school and soccer and other things as well. Hopefully you won't mind. My favorite food is Fetuccini Alfredo.
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