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 November Tier Voting Results

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Zygarde Tier
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November Tier Voting Results Empty
PostSubject: November Tier Voting Results   November Tier Voting Results EmptyMon Nov 19, 2012 3:33 am

Darkrai Change 4-2
Dragonite Keep 2-4
Thundurus Keep 2-4
Galvantula Change 4-0
Honchkrow Change 5-0
Sandslash Change 4-0
Feraligatr Change 5-0
Swellow Change 4-2
Cofagrigus Change 6-0
Forretress Keep 2-4
Ditto Change 4-1
Vulpix Change 4-0
Hippopotas Change 3-1

Focus Band Keep 2-4
Bright Powder Keep 0-5
King's Rock Keep 2-4
Quick Claw Keep 1-5
Razor Claw Change 3-2
Razor Fang Keep 2-4
Red Card Change 4-2
Wide Lens Change 6-0
Scope Lens Change 3-2
Soul Dew Keep 4-2

Darkrai Standard to Uber
Galvantula Inspired to Creative
Honchkrow Inspired to Creative
Sandslash Inspired to Creative
Feraligatr Inspired to Creative
Swellow Inspired to Creative
Cofagrigus Inspired to Creative
Ditto Standard to Creative
Vulpix Creative to Inspired
Hippopotas Creative to Inspired
Razor Claw Uber to Standard
Red Card Uber to Standard
Scope Lens Uber to Standard
Wide Lens Uber to Standard

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November Tier Voting Results
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