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 Guide to Introductory Teams

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PostSubject: Guide to Introductory Teams   Wed Sep 19, 2012 2:35 pm

This is going to be our newest project. After witnessing the miserable failures of countless tutoring programs, we've decided to try something a bit different. As you may have noticed this is a sub forum of the RMT section.

Here you can submit teams for newer players to try. These teams are going to be for them to experiment with. The goal here is to help newer payers get a gist of the meta game. After they've gained enough experience, hopefully they will be able to proficiently build their own teams.

  • These teams don't need to be creative. In most cases they should represent the top usage stats of larger servers to make them more versatile in other places (although this is not a requirement.)
  • Post threads here as you would an RMT, but include more in depth details for each poke's role. Write it as if giving instructions
  • Try to include a section of threats, let them know which types of teams or pokes will give the overall team problems, and possible solutions for dealing with them.
  • Most importantly, make these teams as easy to use as possible. Don't be afraid to take teams from other sources as long as you include in depth instructions and tips. These can be generic, don't worry about creativity or uniqueness here, remember these aren't for you, these are for people who are learning.
  • Also you MUST include a separate importable of your team. Please put this in LABELED spoiler tags.

If someone asks you for help with team building on the server, please feel free to actively direct them to this section.

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Guide to Introductory Teams
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