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 Harrassment Policy

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PostSubject: Harrassment Policy   Harrassment Policy EmptyTue Jul 17, 2012 4:29 pm

If you're one of those cute little guys that thinks everyone with a female trainer sprite is just waiting for you to come on to them so you can cyber all day, this is for you.


While Breakdown is fairly open about consensual cybering and sexual communication in our community, there are a few no nos that need to be set down here. Firstly, anyone who enters this server has rights, and one of the most important ones is to feel safe and comfortable while here. To that end, do NOT post sexual content to a member you do not know to be comfortable with it. Complete strangers are unlikely to want to cyber with you. They may not want to look at porn with you. Also, no means no, kids. When a member seems uncomfortable, stop. Do not call them a bitch, do not ask them what their problem is, just stop. And, finally, not every woman who comes onto this server is a sexual deviant whose only purpose here is to find a cyberer. Likely, they will not appreciate your advances and will likely leave the server, which is severely damaging to us. Our male community is also protected under this policy, whether a woman or a man is doing the harassing or being harassed.

If you violate these rather obvious rights that every member of our server should be able to enjoy, expect a rather quick ban. Also, if you're a victim of this abuse, feel free to either post here or to privately message Invalid or myself. Be sure to have evidence, as it will greatly speed up the process. Also, if you use the words 'harass, harassing, harassment, or harassed' on skype, you must pronounce it 'Harris, harrisment, harrising, or harrised'. That is all.

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Harrassment Policy
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