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 Tips for Analysis's

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PostSubject: Tips for Analysis's    Sat Jul 14, 2012 8:36 pm

The analysis staff wants this section to be a more active and involved part of the community. This will be somewhat of a guide for participating in the analysis sections.

Aside from the official format, there are other things to keep in mind when writing an analysis. As a writer of said article, your goal is to inform readers of the pokemon's potential uses. This includes both things that it should and shouldn't be used for. For example, if the subject of the analysis has very high special attack but poor physical attack, i.e. Alakazam, don't market it as a physical attacker. During the actual set building portion of the analysis, try to remain in mostly 3rd person. "I" should be used little to not at all, but you is more acceptable since you're referring to the reader. When you make references to stats involving other pokemon, make sure what you're saying is accurate. For example if you're going to say "X" using "Y" kills "Z" make sure that actually happens. Use a damage calculator if you have to. Discouraging the reader to use a certain move or spread can be acceptable, provided you have good reasoning to do so. For example don't just say something "sucks," actually tell them WHY it sucks in detail. Be sure to follow the template to the letter. That means if something is bold, you make it bold and etc. For your sets, be sure to give them names. They don't need to be funny or creative or whatever (although that does make the analysis slightly more entertaining) but they should at least have labels. Make sure your grammar and spelling are presentable as well. Don't be afraid to take suggestions while you write, remember this is a community effort. You don't have to write this alone, you can have someone else help with whatever you need. Using sets from another source is acceptable, so long as you provide your own analysis of the set. That means talk about it in your own words, and state its purpose and etc. If you follow all of these guidelines properly, then your analysis should be moved to official.

Getting Involved
The analysis writers and staff encourage everyone to get involved. Don't consider an analysis to be unapproachable. Our words aren't law, if you have any advice or criticism then you're free to voice them. Just be respectful when doing so. Don't be afraid to submit your own sets either, as they can be added to the analysis. Remember when submitting your own sets you're going to be held to the same standards as the analysis writers, so keep that in mind.

The Staff
As with the rest of the forum staff, don't consider us unapproachable! If you have a problem or a question feel free to ask any of us. If you're interested in becoming a member of the staff, contact Invalid or myself.

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Tips for Analysis's
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