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 Mysty's Psyduck being harassed

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PostSubject: Mysty's Psyduck being harassed   Tue Jun 26, 2012 1:20 pm

For anyone who wonders why girls on the internet hide and don't like to play Pokemon Online, I give you the reason... boys. Boys are horny assholes! here's what anyone with a female trainer sprite has to deal with.

(08:56) [FA]God Of War[Test]: Hai Wink
(08:56) Misty's Psyduck: hi
(08:56) [FA]God Of War[Test]: how are u today? Wink
(08:57) Misty's Psyduck: good
(08:57) [FA]God Of War[Test]: good Wink
(08:57) [FA]God Of War[Test]: so whatcha doing? Wink
(08:59) Misty's Psyduck: nothin
(08:59) [FA]God Of War[Test]: Sad
(08:59) [FA]God Of War[Test]: do u wanna be doing something? Wink
(09:01) Misty's Psyduck: mayb
(09:01) Misty's Psyduck: e
(09:01) [FA]God Of War[Test]: hmmm like? Wink
(09:02) Misty's Psyduck: idk it was your idea
(09:02) [FA]God Of War[Test]: hmm u a guy or gurl? Wink
(09:02) Misty's Psyduck: neither
(09:02) Misty's Psyduck: I'm a girl
(09:02) [FA]God Of War[Test]: mmmmm ok Wink
(09:03) [FA]God Of War[Test]: hmmm is somebody feeling dirty atm? Wink
(09:05) [FA]God Of War[Test]: sry maby i should go?...
(09:07) Misty's Psyduck: yeah I'm a little creeped out
(09:07) Misty's Psyduck: you should probably have someone watch you while you use the internet
(09:08) [FA]God Of War[Test]: i sowwy.....
(09:08) Misty's Psyduck: don't be disengenuine
(09:09) Misty's Psyduck: (09:09:03) You ignored [FA]God Of War[Test].
(09:09) The other party left the server, so the window was disabled.

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Mysty's Psyduck being harassed
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