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PostSubject: Wat?   Mon Jun 04, 2012 11:48 pm

(22:41:56) adnan: i don't want to struggle with this sort of topic!
(22:41:57) [KG]Akira: Lol I have the right to believe in whatever I want
(22:42:01) adnan: sry Akira!
(22:42:08) [KG]Akira: That is the one perk about living in the USA
(22:42:17) [KG]Akira: :3
(22:42:25) +[UE]Ninjoshy: You dont have to talk about it if you dont want to adnan.
(22:42:36) adnan: ok!
(22:42:44) adnan: sorry everyone!
(22:42:57) adnan: i was just too excited!
(22:42:58) +[UE]Ninjoshy: Don't even worry about it, you have the right to your own beliefs.
(22:43:10) adnan: i said sorry!
(22:43:22) +[UE]Ninjoshy: ... No need to be sorry.
(22:43:57) [KG]Akira: So how many more hours till you can ewat and drink again Adnan?
(22:44:01) [KG]Akira: *eat
(22:44:09) adnan: just one more time Nijoshy and then i will leave this server forever!
(22:44:24) +[UE]Ninjoshy: What are you talking about. O.o
(22:44:33) adnan: i just hate u!
(22:44:36) adnan left the channel.
(22:44:42) +[UE]Ninjoshy: Hm. Well then.

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